LSJH – Your local municipal waste company

On this website you can find our waste sorting instructions in English, Arabic, Russian and Ukranian. For other content concerning municipal waste management, please refer to our Finnish or Swedish website. You’re always welcome to contact our customer service, if you have any questions.

Lightening the load for tomorrow’s world

Lounais-Suomen Jätehuolto Oy (LSJH) helps residents with everyday waste matters. We guide towards a sustainable lifestyle and provide convenient collection points for residential and public waste. We utilize a staggering 98% of the waste we receive as materials and energy.

LSJH is a company owned by 18 municipalities. On behalf of these municipalities, we take care of organizing the residents’ waste management and waste disposal advice. We also offer services to the properties of municipalities. Approximately 450 000 inhabitants live in the company operating area. This area also includes about 40 000 secondary residences. The map below shows LSJH’s owner municipalities and the location of our sorting stations.

Household waste sorting instructions