Metal items

Sorting instructions

Waste for which metal makes up more than half of the weight can be sorted as metal waste. Electric devices and hazardous waste make an exception to this rule – always bring them to an appropriate reception point.

Put small metal waste into the collection container in your yard or take it to a RINKI eco take-back point. Bring large metal scrap to one of our sorting stations free of charge.

New metal products are manufactured from collected metal.


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From the waste search you’ll find sorting instructions for all types of waste. Search by the name of the waste or navigate to the sorting instructions.

tin bucket,metal bucket,coffee capsule,curtain rod,curtain track,knife,hammer,wheel rim,cast iron pot,wire,baking tin,baking tray,empty metal barrel,antenna,windshield wiper,scrap steel,non-stick pan,electric cable,ironing board,SCARTcutlery, cable,umbrella,scissors,saw,screw,scrap metal,hole puch,hubcap,bag sealer clip,kicksled,bicycle,barbed wire,hedge shears,sheet metal,exhaust pipe,frying pan,door handle,beer can,nails,fake christmas tree,mayonnaise tube,magnet,radiator,lock,shovel,hoe,wheelbarrow,sauna stove,axe,catalytic converter,gas grill,wood burning range,gas cooker,tinfoil,car seat,anchor,baking tray,

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